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I’m Subhabrata Kasyapi – the Founder of ShowMeMoney.

I’ve started this blog in February, 2018 with a single aim in mind:

to help people genuinely to become wealthy

To sum it up, ShowMeMoney is a Free Money Resource Site.

Why ShowMeMoney?

There were sufficient amount of articles and tutorials all over the internet to teach people “how to live a Wealthy Life” – however, most of them are somewhere “incomplete“.

And some of them only for “Rich People“.

That’s why, I have started ShowMeMoney – to bridge this gap and to show people the exact, practical way to get most out of their hard earned money.

What to Expect from ShowMeMoney:

  • How to Make Money Tips.
  • Money Saving Guides
  • Tips on How to Invest Right
  • Debt Management Tips

and much more…..

A Few Lines About Me:

I’m Subhabrata Kasyapi and the Founder of ShowMeMoney.

I’m a Kolkata (India) based Electrical Engineer by Education, a Serial Entrepreneur by Passion and a Nature Explorer by Heart.

I help Bloggers and Content Marketers to Grow Audience, Drive More Sales and Generate Better Revenues from their online ventures.

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